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Pranayama is the yogic breathing exercise designed for purifying, clearing and improving the mind, body and soul. Breath is life. We can live without food or water for some days but it is impossible to live without breath for more than 3 minutes. In view of this, it is very important that we learn to control our breathing.

Breathing involves three functions -Inhaling, Holding or Retaining and Exhaling. There are three basic types of breathing - cleavicular (shallow), inter costal ( middle ) and abdominal (deep). Air is the cause of life and improper, un-regulated breathing is the cause of many diseases. 

The practice of Pranayama helps bring more oxygen to the blood and thus to the brain, thereby improving the efficiency of both. Pranayama Pranayama literally means "Prana" (the Vital Force) and Vyama (vyayayama) (Exercises). Thus, Pranayama is 'EXERCISE OF THE VITAL FORCE'. Regular practice of Pranayama helps cure asthma, sinus, heart problems, chronic diseases, acidity, migraine, obesity, nausea, piles, blood pressure, depression, all kind of colds, arthritis, diabetes and much more. 

Pranayama or exercise of the vital-force can work only if it receives sufficient oxygen from the atmosphere around it. Therefore, the place where you practice Pranayama should be well ventilated. Do not burn any incense stick & do not use any perfume while doing Pranayama. Proper breathing exercises help maintain the mechanism of the human body and control the brain. The brain functions well only when it receives sufficient amount of oxygenated blood.

Depression, anger, excitement, nervousness, sensitivity, anxiousness, too much thinking, worries, etc. disturb the brain center so much that more oxygen is required to be carried by the blood & this condition overburdens the circulatory and respiratory system. This is why such mental state directly affects the heart and the lungs. It also shows how greatly breathing is related to our mental capacity. So whenever you feel stressed or over worked, take three deep breathes. This will increase your intake of oxygen and your heart will remain healthy. Your mental capacity will also increase with the help of Pranayama. Your mind will remain more calm and relaxed, and we all know that a calm mind leads to a healthy body.


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Our Mission is to promote integral growth at all levels of human personality : Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual. Pranayama is a process of breathing exercises that can remove the symptoms of many shronic diseases and can cure asthma, sinus, migrain, obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure and many more.
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