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Mantra Therapy is the positive practice of concentration on a particular sound. 'Mana' means the mind and 'Tra' means vibration. Any sound or word that creates positive vibrations in mind is called a Mantra. Sound is a form of energy made up of vibrations or wavelengths. Certain wavelengths have the power to heal, others are capable of shattering glass. Repetition of Mantras in meditation, will bring individual to a higher state of consciousness. The practice of Mantra leads to concentration of the mental power at a particular point and then allowing it to be equally distributed over the body so that one experiences mental bliss. The mind feels relaxed and all systems of the human body function in a normal manner.

Scientists have proved that chanting a Mantra can cure many if our physical and mental problems. About 98% of our problems are psychosomatic. 'Psycho' means the mind & 'Somatic' means the body. Most of our problems start from the mind. Too much of stress leads to high blood pressures, nausea, dihoria, migraine, acidity, eczema, respiratory diseases and many more. The practice on Mantra librates the mind from all the suffering, irritability, over attachment, ego, lust, and helps one enjoy the spiritual bliss. By chanting a Mantra one feels absolutely blissful and relaxed in the mind. During meditation, we always use a Mantra and try to get rid of all the thoughts that are present in the mind. Mantra can be chanted internally (In the mind, Inaudioable) or externally (by chanting loudly, audible). 

The internal Mantras are generally small and are also called beej mantras or seed mantras. They are powerful vibrations having great healing powers and are on wavelength far beyond physical sound. In meditation, use the internal mantra as barrier of thoughts and allow the mantra to take the place of thoughts in mind. This simple technique of reducing of all kinds of thoughts in the mind is a very powerful technique to reduce stress. Consider your Mantra as your guide and friend.Take the help of your Mantra whenever you feel down or low and life, when you are angry lonely, afraid, undeceive or in trouble. Your Mantra will help you increase your will power, sharpen your memory and motivate you, thereby making you more confident person and a better human being. Many patient have completely recovered from their sickness by chanting mantras. Even when the disease is incurable, the patient's experience great relief by chanting a Mantra. Many others have developed great will power and have been able to quit their bad habits. Some of the internal Mantras are given below : -

Mantra Creative Powers


Helps cure BP, hypertension, Anger, will power, helps maintain balance in life, helps cure Sinus.


Helps over come cordic problems, overcome abdications, gives energy, helps cure asthma.


Helps achieve bliss, helps awaken Kundalini, Removes Back ace, gives energy.


Helps cure stammering , Sharpens memory.


SO-is recited while inhaling & HAM- is recited while exhaling.

The external mantras are chanted in a sound. The sound means dynamism of the cosmic energy in us. The external mantras do the same effect of mental healing & physical healing on us as the internal mantras. Some external mantras or prayer mantras have great healing power, but great care should be taken to chant the external mantra as they are chanted in a particular sound. 'Om' Mantra a very powerful and universal mantra that can be used in voice chanting as external mantra to create vibrations in and around you. 'Om' is the original mantra, the root of all sounds and letters, and thus of all languages and thoughts. The "O" is generated deep within the body, and slowly brought upward joining with the 'M' which then resonates through the entire head. Repeating 'Om' for ten minutes relaxes every atom in your body. The external mantras can be chanted before starting any auspicious work. It will enable us to feel positive vibrations in and around us thereby making life more joyful and meaningful.

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Gayatri Mantram
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Mantra Therapy
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Our Mission is to promote integral growth at all levels of human personality : Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual. Pranayama is a process of breathing exercises that can remove the symptoms of many shronic diseases and can cure asthma, sinus, migrain, obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure and many more.
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