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Beating Back Pain

Introduction :
Back problem can affect anyone. One out of five 18-35 year olds have back pain. It is most common in middle age. Nearly half of people between the age of 40 and above experience some back pain regularly. Older people experience chronic pain and the youngsters usually experience short and acute back pain. Wrong postures, longer sitting hours, driving, lifting heavy objects, stress negative emotions are a few reasons for having back pain. Back pain is rarely ‘cured’ by surgery. Dr. Art Brownstein, in his book Healing back Pain Naturally’ suggests that most back pain is caused by problems in the muscles. When the back muscles are in a state of imbalance, they may be tense, tight and toned, therefore becoming week and are unable to support the spine. The back muscles influemce almost every major muscle in the body and can cause a knock-one effect of pain through the body when injured, which can create dramatic problems throughout the body- not just in the back. There may be other causes of back pain-structural injury because of accidents or habitual poor posture and ling-continuous driving habit. Stress and tensions can be very much damaging to the back. Tension causes the muscles to stiffen. While undergoing treatment for injuries related to the back, if you are emotionally distraught and tense, the back will not heat. Heating cannot take place in tight muscles.

Some people use pain killers to relieve themselves from back pain. A pain killer shuts down the messged of pain to the brain. Ways to release endorphin and encephations which are body’s natural painkillers, include exercise, laughter deep relaxation and stress management techniques. The stretching exercises or yogic postures like Tada Asana (Complete  stretch) Bhujang Asana (Locus posture)are of great help to people who suffer from back pain. Stretching is a very important and powerful way of relieving muscular pain when you stretch, you release pain giving lactic acid, there by releasing tension, spasm and pain in the muscles.

Stress, negative emotions, anger, depression etc. results in powerful electrical impulse which travel in the whole body including the muscles of the back. Meditation, tog nidra and Deep Breathing are the best way to reduce stress. The results of stretching exercises, meditation, yog nidra and deep breathing are immediate. With practicing these you will learn to remain relaxed.

Simple tips for a healthy digestive system :

  • ‘Graze don’t Gorge’ is one pf the health-phrase of the moment. Over eating places a lot of strain on the body.
  • Through eating a wide and varied diet, high in fresh raw fruits, vegetables and whole grains i.e fibre, you can prevent many of the disabling diseases that are the results of poor diet which is the root cause f an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Remember that the digestive system needs the right food at the right time to function efficiently.

Diet is also very important in keeping your back healthy. Your diet should be well-balanced and healthy. Vitamin C helps to repair damaged tissues. Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapples, can ameliorate inflammation in the back. Healthy eating habits help remove toxins from the body that may otherwise harm your spine.


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